Anne Sexton 

Hej guys,

With this post I will start a new series on my blog, where I – for the next couple of weeks – will be posting my favorite poems by Anne Sexton. Apart from my love and respect for this woman and her poetry, I am doing this because I haven’t been the most confident lately (what’s new?). I have been working on several post but I just couldn’t find the courage to share any personal stuff lately. In addition to that, many things have been stressing me the f out and consume basically every ounce of strength I can gather.

The images that will go with the posts are pictures I took while travelling (apart from the one of Anne Sexton herself obviously).

Anne Gray Harvey [1928-1974] who was born in Newton, Massachusetts married Alfred Muller Sexton II in 1947 at age nineteen. In 1954 she was diagnosed with postpartum depression as she suffered her first mental breakdown, and was admitted to Westwood Lodge, a neuropsychiatric hospital she would repeatedly return to for help. In 1955, following the birth of her second daughter, Sexton suffered another breakdown and was hospitalized again. That same year, on her birthday, she attempted suicide.

She was encouraged by her doctor to pursue an interest in writing poetry she had developed in high school, and in the fall of 1957 she enrolled in a poetry workshop at the Boston Center for Adult Education. []


As for me, I am a watercolor. I wash off.




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