Effy Stonem

In case you don’t know the series Skins UK, you’re definitely missing out!

Here are some of my favorite Effy quotes on mental illness:

I’ve got a war in my mind.”

Sometimes, when I’m on my own, I imagine myself dying.”

Sometimes when I close my eyes pretend I’m alright, but it’s never enough.”

You think you’re going mad, so you came to see what a mad person looks like.”

Nothing makes sense on this damn planet.”

The hardest thing is to kill the monster inside you, without killing yourself in the process.”

Nothing scares me anymore.”

La multitud no me hace feliz, la soledad ne se siente bien.”

Sometimes I think I was born backwards.”

You made me go crazy, I just can’t let that happen again.. I just can’t.”

You’ll never know me.”




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